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Donate today to provide dignity for all.

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Your support changes lives.

When you contribute to One Small Step, you ensure that every child in your community has access to clean, well-fitting, and high-quality clothing and shoes. Some forms of poverty can be concealed, but for some, it's as evident as the shirt on their back. Your donations to One Small Step empower everyone to choose clothing that not only looks and feels good but also doesn't strain their family budget.

Your invaluable support enables us to provide dignified services to those without shelter including laundry, mailboxes, lockers, and even a revitalizing hot shower. Your generosity acts as a stepping stone for individuals seeking employment by supporting our Back to Work program, which supplies new work boots and uniform clothing to those embarking on new job opportunities being the bridge between getting a job and receiving the first paycheck..

Whether it's the pride a student feels with a new pair of tennis shoes or the chance for someone to commence a new job with confidence in a fresh pair of scrubs, YOUR support is the driving force behind transformative change. Your commitment is actively shaping lives and making a lasting impact on the individuals and families we serve. THANK YOU.